Asus With Google TV

At the party that will be the gadget world title in Las Vegas, many vendors who showcased their flagship product range are no exception and Asus are going to bring new products to carry the Google TV technology.

although these products will also be exhibited by some famous manufacturers like LG or Sony, it looks like Asus is still pretty confident exhibit set-top box product tech rumored Google TV will carry the name of the Qube. Of course, by highlighting the advantages of its technology.

Previously, competitors Asus, LG has leaked the first Google TV products that carry his series GA7900 and GA6400. The device offers 3D features and appearance of the face to face the new Google TV. Although many reputable vendors use the same Google TV, but Asus still confident with the product. Because each product has had their merits in accordance with what they need.

So is Google itself is also clear that support application development for Google TV also has started running. Just as Amazon Instant has been present since the end of last year,


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