Motorola Release Motogo! Non-Android

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Motorola recently acquired by Google will soon launch their new mobile phone, but not with the green Android. Motogo their new phones, is a mobile phone with a new feature exclusive to the market in Mexico.

Although Motogo not use Android as its operating system, but this device is quite riveting. Motogo use QWERTY keyboard with a touch-screen navigation controls. Can use 3G cellular connectivity and have Wi-Fi chip.

Motogo a product from Motorola which is now merged with Google, but do not use Android to complement the beauty of the phone, but there are still some features of Google that is integrated with Google services such as Google Talk, Google Search, and Gmail.

This new phone is quite minimalist for a smartphone, with integrated Google completeness, MP3 player and camera may be one of the best on the market, but for sales outside of Mexico cannot be determined because there has been no official announcement of the Motorola or Google itself .


LG With Windows Phone 8

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LG-Phone8Competition among vendors gadget cannot be avoided, since nowadays almost all the vendors trying to make the best gadget with a wide range of advantages that are supposed to be the best among the smartphone users.

Currently, LG seems to not want to lag behind other major vendors, thus making Windows Phone 8 handsets. It is not expected, the South Korean company makes Smartphones based on Microsoft's OS to be released this year.

From the news sounds, LG will release a series of Optimus handsets and mobile Windows Phone 8. But so far the LG still looks quiet about Windows Phone 8, but there are some competitors that have been fast enough to respond to the news. As Huawai and other vendors have also taken the moment to show off Windows Phone 8 handsets at CES 2013 last.

On LG Optimus expect to begin releasing the latest at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next, whether Windows Phone 8 is included in the release event, and let's wait to find out with surprise from LG.


4 Countries Technology Giants

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The company's technology world is booming like gadgets and other telecommunications equipment which is becoming a trend nowadays. From various parts of the world, nearly all of them compete in the world of technology.

Many technology vendors from Asia that now dominate the market, and quite in fear by the vendor from other continents. And of the many vendors, it is more likely to come from a particular country, perhaps because in that State government is very supportive of the advancement of the technology world, besides its inhabitants like to work hard and utilize his brain to advance the technology in the country.

Of the many countries the technology giant the world, there are most in fear, among the four countries in Asia that ruled the world of technology today:

Here are four of the most Berjaya with technology
1. Japan
2. South Korea
3. Taiwan
4. China


5 Gagdet Android Super in CES 2013

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The most prestigious event for gadget vendors who have been in the title in Las Vegas a few days ago, gave rise to a wide range of top Android smartphones. Although the event the event Customer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 was not attended by the electronic giants such as Microsoft, Google, and Apple, but there is still a lot of big names that come to enliven the prestigious event.

Big names like Samsung, LG or HTC did not announce their latest products at the event, but the new smartphone issued by Sony, Lenovo and Huawai enough to steal the attention of the visitors. Android super phone that carries it into one of the mainstays at CES 2013 this time, were:

  1. Sony Experia Z .Sony finally launched the first Android smartphone with Quad Core processor, with a 5-inch landscape display.
  2. Lenovo K900Lenovo this time it was getting serious on smartphone products that are currently the mainstay of any vendor. And this time Lenovo K900 issued on Arm processors are dual core intel.
  3.  ZTE Grand SZTE is also not to be outdone by other vendors who issued them with the latest gadget which is powerful enough specs, and this time ZTE issued a gadget with a screen jumbo Grand S are equipped with a high resolution of 1920 x1080 pixels.
  4. Ascend Huawai MateIf you want to have a gadget with a super big, and Huawai have prepared for you a super great gadget that Huawai Ascend Mate.
  5. Alcatel One Touch Scribe XAlthough Nokia is not too big a name as the names of the vendors other gadgets, but this time Motorola did not want to lose by launching new products at CES 2013 that Alcatel One Touch Scribe X 5 inch jumbo screen.


Firefox for Android

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As Mozilla Promises in plainly on the World Wide Web to want to make Firefox for Android users. And this time Firefox for Android has some pretty impressive rating at Play Store.

Firefox in 2013 will improve the customizability and will support the theme and offer start page.
And the following quote from Mozilla in its records.

No matter how you browse with Firefox for Android - for news, site of the most useful, and the most amusing page - we will never stop trying to provide the best and fastest".
Regarding compatibility and language support, Mozilla promised to soon make the feature in the near future.
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