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Motorola Release Motogo! Non-Android

By Fey Calm | At 1/24/2013 | Label : , , | 0 Comments

Motorola recently acquired by Google will soon launch their new mobile phone, but not with the green Android. Motogo their new phones, is a mobile phone with a new feature exclusive to the market in Mexico.

Although Motogo not use Android as its operating system, but this device is quite riveting. Motogo use QWERTY keyboard with a touch-screen navigation controls. Can use 3G cellular connectivity and have Wi-Fi chip.

Motogo a product from Motorola which is now merged with Google, but do not use Android to complement the beauty of the phone, but there are still some features of Google that is integrated with Google services such as Google Talk, Google Search, and Gmail.

This new phone is quite minimalist for a smartphone, with integrated Google completeness, MP3 player and camera may be one of the best on the market, but for sales outside of Mexico cannot be determined because there has been no official announcement of the Motorola or Google itself .


Firefox for Android

By Fey Calm | At 1/08/2013 | Label : , , | 0 Comments

As Mozilla Promises in plainly on the World Wide Web to want to make Firefox for Android users. And this time Firefox for Android has some pretty impressive rating at Play Store.

Firefox in 2013 will improve the customizability and will support the theme and offer start page.
And the following quote from Mozilla in its records.

No matter how you browse with Firefox for Android - for news, site of the most useful, and the most amusing page - we will never stop trying to provide the best and fastest".
Regarding compatibility and language support, Mozilla promised to soon make the feature in the near future.


Microsoft With Horor Stories About Android

By Fey Calm | At 12/07/2012 | Label : , , | 0 Comments

Competition among the leading manufacturers today is very tight, and competition forms also vary. Like now for instance Microsoft is trying to promote Windows Phone with horror stories about Android.

Through the official account on Twitter Windows Phone, Microsoft is trying to persuade his followers to share their stories about malware on Android. It certainly behind it is an operating system Windows Phone promotion in the claims is better than Android.

To make the story becomes more and more crowded, Microsoft did not hesitate to share phones based on Windows Phone to anyone who has a compelling story about the virus on Android. This is not the first thing done by Microsoft to sell Windows Phone to spread malware in the Android issue.

Cannot deny, Android is growing very remarkable, do not be surprised if the antivirus manufacturer considers the operating system will be the target for malware makers.

Of some existing data, in September 2012, the number of infected Android apps has reached 175 thousand. It far exceeded our predictions. "Aulia said Hariadi. Business Development Manager Trend Micro Indonesia some time ago.

But the issue is, if Microsoft were able to make the switch from Android to Windows Phone ..? Let us wait for the later development of the smart gadget lovers.


Facebook Release "Photo Sync" for iOS and Android

By Fey Calm | At 12/02/2012 | Label : , , | 2 Comments

photosyncFacebook seemed to not want to stop to pamper its users. This time Facebook has begun to enter the realm of cloud with the release of Photo Sync for iOS and Android devices. This new feature lets you upload photos to Facebook quickly and privately.

Having announced in September, an official in launch Photo Sync this week. Indeed, not all can be enjoyed, but Facebook will release it last up available all users not just iOS and Android only.
After Photo Sync in turn, will soon upload all the photos captured using a mobile device to a private folder named "synced from Phone on Facebook. And in time, the user will own that will determine which photos are going in for a friend or for their own consumption or private.

For users of the iPhone and iPad, Photo Sync only works if the device is upgraded to iOS 6. While in Android, Photo Sync seems to work with any version of Android. Because Facebook does not specify any requirement to be able to use the feature.

If the user has approved synchronized photos from your Smartphone, Facebook application will instantly upload pictures - up to 2GB - the Facebook website. Users can also choose how to syncronitation photos, whether via WiFi, network operator, or both.

With the new application, Facebook users would increasingly easier to share all the moments with their friends and sacred.
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