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Apple Maybe Acquired Waze

By Fey Calm | At 1/03/2013 | Label : , , | 0 Comments

Apple seems to not want to stop being a giant on the internet with more and more acquiring companies to join join the business. This time after the release of iOS 6 Map to Apple caused a stir, and at once tried to improve map application as soon as possible.

From what tedengar, Apple seems interested in Waze, the popular social turn-by-turn navigation company. This application is available for free on iOS and marketed by the company and claims that more than 30 million people who use the service, "fun-based traffic & navigation application community.".

Because Waze map built on the location of the car is moving, it is much more accurate than the check-in applications. Beyond Google's project to map the city with Streetview car - something that has taken years to complete - and real-world mapping is done by volunteers on an open source project Open Streetmaps, there is little to match that Waze approach. Waze turns into mapping not only the game, but also a way for drivers to socialize, report road barriers, traffic and police traps. It is really useful.

It will also cost Apple $ 500 million north + to buy Foursquare (which has raised $ 71 million note to raise another round), and profit, what? Area restaurants, bars and airports? Given Waze has raised $ 67 million, Apple could get far better mapping data and real driving applications.

Besides Waze also allows users to share real-time information on traffic jams, gas prices, accidents, speed traps and checkpoints, and more. Some data is automatically reported by just having an iPhone app open while driving. But unfortunately both companies declined to comment on rumors.


Apple With iPad Mini Retina Display

By Fey Calm | At 12/15/2012 | Label : , , | 0 Comments
ipad-mini2Apple does not want to stop innovating, proven though iPad Mini still considered very new in the launch to the general public. But this time it was heard that the iPad Mini will present a new generation.
From the news it sounds, this new generation of iPad Mini will use the retina display screen. Of the source are quite close to Apple said that iPad Mini 2 already in production and the technology that is used in the Retina Display has a resolution of 325ppi, and the density of 2058x1536 pixels, and for the size of 7.9 inch is still the same.
Besides these sources have not heard others present specifications for iPad Mini 2, and it will likely be much better than the previous one, and for more details, let us wait with the presence of the iPad Mini 2 made by the Giant Apple.


Infringe Patents FaceTime, Apple Fined USD 268.2 Milion

By Fey Calm | At 11/08/2012 | Label : , , | 0 Comments

applebuildApple now reaping back a pretty sad story. Because of patent issues, was forced to pay hundreds of millions of dollars on Apple to remove Virnetx Holding Corp. Apple decided the article had violated patents owned company.

By Tyler Texas U.S. federal jury, Apple claimed it violates patents related to video conferencing technology in Face Time. The money must be paid to VitnetX amounted to USD 268.2 million. Total of patents that are violated four patents from the company Cupertino.

Forced to pay hundreds of millions of dollars disbursed to Virnetx Apple Holding Corp. The reason, Apple decided had violated patents owned by the company. The trial VirtnetX declared victory in court is not the first time, because at the beginning of this year and the same court, they won $ 200 million dollars on Microsoft for using patents related to VPN in Windows 7, Vista and XP, as well as product other.

But Apple did not want to surrender accept the decision of this court, as it was reported that Apple filed a motion questioning whether virnetX have sufficient evidence to support the case. Apple also has sought reexamination of the four patents at the U.S. Patent Office.

In that case, Apple quite feels the inconvenience of making a good name Apple has been a bit tarnished. With previous wins over the case with Samsung
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