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Microsoft With Horor Stories About Android

By Fey Calm | At 12/07/2012 | Label : , , | 0 Comments

Competition among the leading manufacturers today is very tight, and competition forms also vary. Like now for instance Microsoft is trying to promote Windows Phone with horror stories about Android.

Through the official account on Twitter Windows Phone, Microsoft is trying to persuade his followers to share their stories about malware on Android. It certainly behind it is an operating system Windows Phone promotion in the claims is better than Android.

To make the story becomes more and more crowded, Microsoft did not hesitate to share phones based on Windows Phone to anyone who has a compelling story about the virus on Android. This is not the first thing done by Microsoft to sell Windows Phone to spread malware in the Android issue.

Cannot deny, Android is growing very remarkable, do not be surprised if the antivirus manufacturer considers the operating system will be the target for malware makers.

Of some existing data, in September 2012, the number of infected Android apps has reached 175 thousand. It far exceeded our predictions. "Aulia said Hariadi. Business Development Manager Trend Micro Indonesia some time ago.

But the issue is, if Microsoft were able to make the switch from Android to Windows Phone ..? Let us wait for the later development of the smart gadget lovers.
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