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4 Countries Technology Giants

By Fey Calm | At 1/14/2013 | Label : , , | 0 Comments

The company's technology world is booming like gadgets and other telecommunications equipment which is becoming a trend nowadays. From various parts of the world, nearly all of them compete in the world of technology.

Many technology vendors from Asia that now dominate the market, and quite in fear by the vendor from other continents. And of the many vendors, it is more likely to come from a particular country, perhaps because in that State government is very supportive of the advancement of the technology world, besides its inhabitants like to work hard and utilize his brain to advance the technology in the country.

Of the many countries the technology giant the world, there are most in fear, among the four countries in Asia that ruled the world of technology today:

Here are four of the most Berjaya with technology
1. Japan
2. South Korea
3. Taiwan
4. China


5 Gagdet Android Super in CES 2013

By Fey Calm | At 1/10/2013 | Label : , , | 0 Comments

The most prestigious event for gadget vendors who have been in the title in Las Vegas a few days ago, gave rise to a wide range of top Android smartphones. Although the event the event Customer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 was not attended by the electronic giants such as Microsoft, Google, and Apple, but there is still a lot of big names that come to enliven the prestigious event.

Big names like Samsung, LG or HTC did not announce their latest products at the event, but the new smartphone issued by Sony, Lenovo and Huawai enough to steal the attention of the visitors. Android super phone that carries it into one of the mainstays at CES 2013 this time, were:

  1. Sony Experia Z .Sony finally launched the first Android smartphone with Quad Core processor, with a 5-inch landscape display.
  2. Lenovo K900Lenovo this time it was getting serious on smartphone products that are currently the mainstay of any vendor. And this time Lenovo K900 issued on Arm processors are dual core intel.
  3.  ZTE Grand SZTE is also not to be outdone by other vendors who issued them with the latest gadget which is powerful enough specs, and this time ZTE issued a gadget with a screen jumbo Grand S are equipped with a high resolution of 1920 x1080 pixels.
  4. Ascend Huawai MateIf you want to have a gadget with a super big, and Huawai have prepared for you a super great gadget that Huawai Ascend Mate.
  5. Alcatel One Touch Scribe XAlthough Nokia is not too big a name as the names of the vendors other gadgets, but this time Motorola did not want to lose by launching new products at CES 2013 that Alcatel One Touch Scribe X 5 inch jumbo screen.


Firefox for Android

By Fey Calm | At 1/08/2013 | Label : , , | 0 Comments

As Mozilla Promises in plainly on the World Wide Web to want to make Firefox for Android users. And this time Firefox for Android has some pretty impressive rating at Play Store.

Firefox in 2013 will improve the customizability and will support the theme and offer start page.
And the following quote from Mozilla in its records.

No matter how you browse with Firefox for Android - for news, site of the most useful, and the most amusing page - we will never stop trying to provide the best and fastest".
Regarding compatibility and language support, Mozilla promised to soon make the feature in the near future.


The World's Smallest Computer

By Fey Calm | At 1/04/2013 | Label : , , | 0 Comments

Computers today are probably not as flexible anymore for some people, as more and more advanced technology they can take anywhere.

But not with this one computer pc, which is smaller sized premises computer from another computer, which is only a 2 inch only. Can you imagine how it would look?

Cubox Pro, that's the smallest computer ever. As the name implies, not only in the form of a small size, but its specifications are also considered very mini, the processor 800 megahertz dual-issue ARM Marvell Armada 510 PJ4 SoC (System on a Chip), backed by 2GB of RAM.

But despite its size is very mini CuBox Pro also has a USB 2.0 port, an ethernet port, infraref receiver, and HDMI port for 1080p display resolution images. Although classified as a minimalist specification, but it is quite reliable PC for basic computing activities, such as browsing, email, and doing regular office work. So for those of you who do not really need the computer for heavy work is suitable to use CuBox to simply complete your daily to keep up with the information in the virtual world.

For operating systems that exist in this CuBox Linux based OS platforms such as Ubuntu and others. If you are interested in having the mini is there enough to take charge of USD 169.99, and SolidRun can already to pre-order.


Apple Maybe Acquired Waze

By Fey Calm | At 1/03/2013 | Label : , , | 0 Comments

Apple seems to not want to stop being a giant on the internet with more and more acquiring companies to join join the business. This time after the release of iOS 6 Map to Apple caused a stir, and at once tried to improve map application as soon as possible.

From what tedengar, Apple seems interested in Waze, the popular social turn-by-turn navigation company. This application is available for free on iOS and marketed by the company and claims that more than 30 million people who use the service, "fun-based traffic & navigation application community.".

Because Waze map built on the location of the car is moving, it is much more accurate than the check-in applications. Beyond Google's project to map the city with Streetview car - something that has taken years to complete - and real-world mapping is done by volunteers on an open source project Open Streetmaps, there is little to match that Waze approach. Waze turns into mapping not only the game, but also a way for drivers to socialize, report road barriers, traffic and police traps. It is really useful.

It will also cost Apple $ 500 million north + to buy Foursquare (which has raised $ 71 million note to raise another round), and profit, what? Area restaurants, bars and airports? Given Waze has raised $ 67 million, Apple could get far better mapping data and real driving applications.

Besides Waze also allows users to share real-time information on traffic jams, gas prices, accidents, speed traps and checkpoints, and more. Some data is automatically reported by just having an iPhone app open while driving. But unfortunately both companies declined to comment on rumors.


RIM Spead Official Invitation For BlackBerry 10

By Fey Calm | At 12/18/2012 | Label : , , | 0 Comments
event-blackberry10BlackBerry 10 ready to go to the market to compete with other smartphones, as RIM (Reseacrh in Motion) has become an official invitation to introduce BlackBerry 10 on a number of media in the United States.
The event will be planned in the title in New York on January 30, 2013. However, not much information is available in the invitation, but certainly RIM was ready to present by making the slogan redesigned, reengineered, reinvented.

"The world is waiting but you can see it first" as it says on the invitation and the possibility Indicates that the media are invited will see the first time what kind of BlackBerry 10 phones, which already heralded as advertised is the greatest smartphone from the previous variant.
BlackBerry 10 is planned to be introduced with two models that use a physical keyboard models and one model with a full touch screen. However, the model says that the BlackBerry with a full touch screen already had leaked in cyberspace, but it seems these leaks are true, the presence of a Blackberry logo below the screen.

BlackBerry lovers prepared to wait for the idol with a new innovation that seems more sophisticated than what you have now.


RIM Is Not In The List of 100 Companies Featured

By Fey Calm | At 12/17/2012 | Label : , , | 0 Comments

bb-baruCompetition among smartphone vendors when it's very tight, they all collided to create results that could become a mainstay of every smartphone user. RIM is no exception and has flagship product is the BlackBerry.

However, BlackBerry's manufacturer, RIM (Research in Motion) is now no longer counted as one of the 100 largest non-financial companies that have leading stocks such as Apple, Google, Microsoft and Starbucks even though.
This news has been circulating in the media, one of the news announced by Nasdaq website, one of the managers of the U.S. stock market that mention RIM no longer included in the Nasdaq 100 stocks trading earlier this week.

Nasdaq is always updating list of non-financial companies that the stock price movement, and a list of 100 companies was appropriate market capitalization index. And unfortunately this year the rim is not included in the prestigious list of chart given the stock price is less encouraging in last year.

Although RIM has their flagship handset the BlackBerry, but is considered less competitive if in comparison with other authorities such as Apple iOS, Google's Android, and Microsoft with Windows Phone. With the release of BlackBerry 10 will be expected to be raised again next RIM shares. Because if the latest handset that can successfully win the hearts of lovers of smartphones, RIM's likely the stock will go up to 100 leading companies back.


Apple With iPad Mini Retina Display

By Fey Calm | At 12/15/2012 | Label : , , | 0 Comments
ipad-mini2Apple does not want to stop innovating, proven though iPad Mini still considered very new in the launch to the general public. But this time it was heard that the iPad Mini will present a new generation.
From the news it sounds, this new generation of iPad Mini will use the retina display screen. Of the source are quite close to Apple said that iPad Mini 2 already in production and the technology that is used in the Retina Display has a resolution of 325ppi, and the density of 2058x1536 pixels, and for the size of 7.9 inch is still the same.
Besides these sources have not heard others present specifications for iPad Mini 2, and it will likely be much better than the previous one, and for more details, let us wait with the presence of the iPad Mini 2 made by the Giant Apple.


Yahoo Messanger Will Remove Some Features

By Fey Calm | At 12/04/2012 | Label : , , | 0 Comments

Although Google is still a giant, but Yahoo still has its own user base is very large, of which utilize the email feature to instant messenger.

As one site called As with the pioneer of instant messaging on the internet, do not be surprised if Yahoo Messenger users become more and more increasing, unfortunately some of the features of Yahoo will be removed soon, which will reduce the enjoyment of synchronization chat with multiple accounts.
The removed features are the ability to connect to Yahoo Messenger with Windows Live, Yahoo Voice Phone, Video Conferencing and Group Messaging.

Yahoo Messenger will close the Messenger Public Chat Room on December 14, 2012, by the way, for those users who connect with friends through Windows Live, his name will still appear but it is no longer possible to chat with them as of the date set by Yahoo later.

As for the Yahoo Voice Phone will be closed on January 30, 2013, up to now does not obtain a clear reason as to the abolition of these features. But it seems to in the abolishment of these features make the user disappointed.


Sony Xperia P, U Go and Sola Gets Update

By Fey Calm | At 12/03/2012 | Label : , , | 0 Comments

At the beginning of this year, Sony launched a mid-range P, U and Go Sola Smartphone. Unfortunately, all devices in the system send out date with Android 2.3 Gingerbread as the operating system. However, as promised by the manufacturer, they will release update Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for their devices. And today Sony unveiled a new software update for the Xperia, P, U and Go Sola.

But before you get too excited, just see some notification that the latest update does not bring Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but it comes with many other enhancements, such as bug fixes and performance tweaks. According to the manufacturer, all Xperia P users will get a notification when the update is ready, but the immediate availability in mobile phones may vary in different markets and different operators.

On the other hand, U Xperia, Xperia Xperia Sola Go and users with Android 4.0 will receive a notification on your phone and will be able to download over-the-air. The latest update brings fixes: stability, WiFi tethering / portable hotspot, cameras (capture and playback), NFC and Messaging.

If for users who have not upgraded your device to Android 4.0, then you will need to manually connect your device to the computer and use the PC Companion software for Windows or for Mac Sony Bridge. To schedule depends on the availability of the upgrade software on the market as well as the carrier.


Thinnest Smartphone in the Wold

By Fey Calm | At 11/25/2012 | Label : , , | 3 Comments

Smartphones now it became a mainstay of the gadget most in the interest of all people in the world. Along with this, almost all current mobile phone vendors to make their products become the number one, both in terms of quality, as well as to the form of deferred gadget.

This time it is not Apple or Samsung who managed to make a first thinnest Smartphone in the world, but a product called Vivo X1 which is a gadget made ​​in China-based Company called BBK Electronics, which is also the company behind the Oppo brand that has managed to steal the show with his thin Smartphone.

Vivo X1 has a thin 6.55 mm, when compared with the iPhone 5, which has a thickness of 7.6 mm and the Galaxy S III with 8.6 mm. Not strange that Vivo X1 mentions the successful title of the world's thinnest smartphone that the beat Oppo Finder has just 6.65 mm thick.

But what about the capabilities of the X1 Vivo ..?

From the information circulating, Vivo X1 has the operating system Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and a 4.7-inch landscape display, as well as HD displays. As for the kitchen was redone in use at 1.2 GHz Cortex A9 dual core processor, 16 GB of internal storage and an 8 megapixel camera on the back and a 1.3 megapixel camera on the front.

But for now the thinnest Smartphone in the world, just now on sale in China, and the expected price in the selling price of about USD 400


Vuzix Smart Glasses, Ready To Compete With Google Glass

By Fey Calm | At 11/16/2012 | Label : , , | 0 Comments

Google Glass, these smart glasses amid competition from producers called Vuzix is also working on a pair of glasses with capabilities similar to Google Glass. They are ready to sell their products in mid-2013.

Named Skart Glasses Vuzix M100. This smart tool reinforced by the operating system Android Ice Cream Sandwich. By mimicking M100 Bluetooth headset design consists of virtual display screen that is integrated with wifi and Bluetooth HD 720p camera and a head-tracking sensor.

There is also a noise-canceling microphone and speaker. The camera itself can shoot photos or video with a resolution of 1280x720 which can be stored in the memory card of 8 GB it. The headset can also display the data collected by the smartphone into the eye of the user. This smartphone is also able to work with the iPhone.

The prototype of the device that will be showcased at the International Consumer Electronic Shows held in January next year. President and Chief Executive Vuzix, Paul Travers said he would appreciate the appliances less than $ 500.


Windows 8 withstand attacks from 85 % Malware

By Fey Calm | At 11/09/2012 | Label : , , | 0 Comments

Recently, the giant Microsoft said that Windows 8 operating system designed strong enough to withstand the brunt of the virus. Researchers from security firm Bit Defender strengthen the statement.

windows8According to the results of research that concludes that Windows 8 is able to withstand the invasion of 85% or malware program most widely used by cyber criminals. Though Windows 8 itself in the test just relies on Windows Defender antivirus and not accompanied by third parties.

These results prove only 15% of malicious programs are able to penetrate the defenses of Windows 8 using 365 samples Bit Defender using the most popular types of malware in the test. Windows 8 in the state has a security system that is effective; however there are some records that Windows 8 is at risk of malicious malware.

Here's an excerpt from Catalin Cosoi, Chief Security Strategist Bit Defender

To protect the computer from viruses and other types of data theft malware, windows defender is better than none at all.

From this proves that anything as strong as an operating system, accompanied by different kinds of antivirus in popularity, there is still the possibility of a hole for a malware or destructive infiltrates into it. So using a PC without a good security solution is still very risky.


Google Launches Remote Desktop Aplikation

By Fey Calm | At 10/31/2012 | Label : , , | 0 Comments

Google gives a fairly happy news via his official blog. Developer plans to spawn Chrome browser Chrome Remote Desktop application. Although still in beta, but the application can be downloaded through the Chrome Store.

As already known, the application lets you access a remote desktop computer from another location, especially if the location is not bad. For example, an IT administrator who is out of the office can still serve users who need help without having to go back to the office.

Google has started to develop this application since last year. The beta version that was released to the public also has added some interesting features, one of them the ability to listen to music using song files that exist on the computer that is being remotely.

In addition the user must also be able to do file transfer between two computers connected to it. After installing Chrome Remote Desktop application on both computers, the users who want to perform remote only need to enter the access code 12 will be generated by this application on a computer that will be remote.

Nevertheless Chrome Remote Desktop still have to prove the sophistication of the application, because the Chrome Remote Desktop to deal with other applications first popular among the IT world.
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