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Ada Lovelace, Google Doodle

By Fey Calm | At 12/10/2012 | Label : , , | 0 Comments
Today's Google Doodle gives an award back to Augusta Ada Lovelace, she was the daughter of Lord Byron and his wife, Anne Isabella Byron, who was born in London in 1815.

Ada Lovelace who allegedly was never in the figure of his father, who died four months after he was born, and he became interested in mathematics, and later she worked as a mechanical early computers invented by Charles Babbage.

Some notes on Babbage Analytical Engine, as the device is known, including an algorithm for processing by machine, productive difference in the world's first computer programmer.

And today is a 197-year commemoration of his birth, and the Google Doodle honor to write equations to describe Countes long piece of paper with a feather pen.
The development of the calculation to the modern laptop also in detailed images, three images interim breakthrough in computing technology has since the 19th century.

The way Google is giving a tribute to Ade Lovelace who became a great inventor, and is the change in technology has to stump today's modern era.
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