Vuzix Smart Glasses, Ready To Compete With Google Glass

Google Glass, these smart glasses amid competition from producers called Vuzix is also working on a pair of glasses with capabilities similar to Google Glass. They are ready to sell their products in mid-2013.

Named Skart Glasses Vuzix M100. This smart tool reinforced by the operating system Android Ice Cream Sandwich. By mimicking M100 Bluetooth headset design consists of virtual display screen that is integrated with wifi and Bluetooth HD 720p camera and a head-tracking sensor.

There is also a noise-canceling microphone and speaker. The camera itself can shoot photos or video with a resolution of 1280x720 which can be stored in the memory card of 8 GB it. The headset can also display the data collected by the smartphone into the eye of the user. This smartphone is also able to work with the iPhone.

The prototype of the device that will be showcased at the International Consumer Electronic Shows held in January next year. President and Chief Executive Vuzix, Paul Travers said he would appreciate the appliances less than $ 500.


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