Canon EOS M with Built-in Electronic Viewfinder (EVF)

Canon is increasingly looking to spread its wings in the world of future camera. This time for Canon to provide convenience for Canon EOS M cameras mirrorles  is still relatively warm in the camera market today. Regarding the news that came to its update is already quite crowded.

Canon is currently preparing a second model of the EOS M series by adding a built-in electronic viewfinder (EVF) of course this is still limited to the news broke, and the truth still cannot be sure. Camera design that is not much different purpose with a design that's available now, but of course with the additional features of the EVF is becoming increasingly strong. For product announcements are already getting extra features in the estimate it will be done in the first half of the next 2-13 years.

Canon EOS M was first introduced in July last year. He was still wearing the APS-C sensor with a high enough resolution that is 18 MP and Digic image processor 5, with its autofocus system is 31 points. In burst mode, the EOS M able to shoot 4.3 fps. Presumably with such capabilities is pretty awesome, and this time getting steadily longer with additional features such EVF


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